Great Content Marketing Toolkit, Semrush 2020 Updates

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A Great Content Marketing Toolkit Has Never Been More Powerful After The 2020 Updates.


Every business owner wants to grow and scale their online business. But without the right tools, it becomes an uphill battle.

I mean there’s so much to consider. Worse still, if you do not have the skills and the resources, it will be ages before you begin to see any shift in your fortunes. By that time your business will have been annihilated by your competitors.

We are now more entrenched in the digital world. Content creation is the basis for data. This data has to be organized in a way that content marketing will bring much-needed profitable results.

Consequently, the need for digital marketing tools to help businesses scale up their growth. This is where Semrush comes in.

The Content Marketing Toolkit by

In 2008 one brilliant man had an epiphany about how to research and get data organized. His company, Semrush, may just have solved the problem of content marketing for many online businesses.

Today, Semrush has over 50 tools for SEO, content marketing, advertising, social media, digital PR, and competitor research to name but a few. And, millions of users enjoy business growth using this powerful platform. For most online and local businesses, Semrush has become their go-to platform of choice.

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In 2008, Semrush was a small SEO tool with just a handful of users. Twelve years later, it evolved into a powerful platform that helps marketers all over the world grow their online visibility.

Take a look at this graphic. Man, these are benefits, not features. Can you see how your content marketing work assures your business growth?

Look at the steps below in the infographic. How can you fail with such a content marketing toolkit? I bet you’re already saying to yourself, man, I wish I had this when I got started online back then!

The Content Marketing Toolkit Step by Step Infographic

content marketing toolkit semrush infographic

OK. So the smart people at Semrush have not been sitting idle. At every given timeline they have to respond to the market challenges and changes. With such great products, they have to keep improving. Keeping abreast with the millions of users and their product demands.

This is one of the reasons they are passionate about what they do and why. Read on.


Semrush is the driving force behind your marketing, which is captured in dynamic visuals of flames and fire. And the energy of our active voice and positive language empowers our users to become better marketers.


Semrush is a friendly brand. It shows in a warm and informal tone we use to speak to our customers. And in simple rounded shapes that accompany our visuals.


We are the leaders in our field. The innovators. The enthusiasts.
Our confident voice paired with bold backgrounds, shapes and typography can’t but grab the attention of our audience.

Have I piqued your interest? See the bigger picture here. Take a Free 7 day Test Run of The Content Marketing Toolkit Here.

Let’s now take a look at the Semrush 2020 Updates. Please join me.

But first…..from the horse’s mouth.

We’ve always been a product-first company, going where the challenges of our users took us. But while we kept adding more and more features, our visual identity became inconsistent.
Today, when Semrush has over 50 tools for SEO, content marketing, advertising, social media, digital PR, and competitor research, we realized that it’s time. It’s time to give the Semrush brand a makeover to capture its essence and unique character.
Oleg Shchegolev, CEO and Founder

Now, The 2020 Updates

Before I dive into discussing the Semrush 2020 Updates in detail, let me point out that there has been a major overhaul from the logo all the way deep into the whole product software.

The New Improved and Inspiring Logo

As I researched the changes and improvements, see below what I found on their website.

I admire the way they passionately describe their business.

The information directly below is a direct copy from the Semrush website.

Let’s get started by discussing the logo. I don’t know if I should call this the before and after like they say in the makeover industry. The old has done its work and has been retired.

Anyway, now the new logo variants are ready for the uncharted higher heights in their new color system.

Old Logo R.I.P.
Old Logo R.I.P.
New Logo Variant
New Logo Variant
New Logo Variant
New Logo Variant

New color system
Our primary brand colors are hot orange and dark indigo. And we use an extended palette of vibrant colors to add deeper emotions to our visual language.

For me, the new logo is like a meteor flying through digital land announcing the arrival of good tidings on the improved tools on the whole platform. Surely this is a sign that we can rest assured that our businesses will grow and scale exponentially!

But, what’s in a logo? There’s something to be said about a logo. Every business has its unique inspiration when arriving at a logo design. This is the reason why you must put every inspiration and enthusiasm into coming up with a logo design.

A logo design must send an inspiring and enticing message to the target audience. The visitor or prospect must be inspired and motivated to take an interest in your product buying process when they look at your logo.

I think Semrush has accomplished that aspect. The quote below is perhaps what inspired the change from the old to the new fireball logo.

A fireball
A symbol of fire has been at the core of the Semrush brand from day one. It stands for a spark that ignites the engine of your marketing. And the energy that keeps it going strong. The new version of the logo uses the same concept in a more modern, compact, and friendly way.

Semrush is the energy that powers your marketing.
The data and ideas you get from our toolkits. The knowledge you get from our blog posts. The new skills you get from our courses. Semrush is a spark that sets all parts of your marketing in motion. And the energy that can help you reach your goals faster.

Right! Let’s dive deeper with the Semrush 2020 Updates. I think it will be wise to start by showing the plans and pricing. After all it plays a key role in most decision making.

But wait! Look at this infographic, of just what is available at your disposal. A huge database for you to delve into at your pleasure. Well worth the price you will find below, I must say.

Here’s the database of keywords, domains, and Geo representation in picture form. This represents the growth from 2018 to 2020. This is huge!

semrush databases growth
semrush databases growth

Keyword, Domain, & Geo Databases 2018 >> 2020

According to the Semrush Team, at 20B keywords, this represents the largest depository on the market.
The keywords database has grown from 2B in 2018 to 20B in 2020.

And in the last two years from 17.6B to the current 20B. The number of domains has equally increased from 419M to 825M in the period under review.

Not to be left out, The Geo database has equally grown from 113 to 142, covering 190 regions and countries.

To summarize, we are looking at an all-in-one platform that has the best interest of everyone doing business online. Businesses need a repository of ever-growing keywords and related databases which are constantly being updated.

This ensures that business users have the right data and tools at their disposal in order to make the much-needed important decisions for growth and scale.

Alright now, with all the data and statistics, let’s now factor in the plans and pricing as they stand currently.

semrush plans and pricing
click this link to Try for free or subscribe to a plan of your choice. You can also see the full plan comparison via this link

So, What Are The Semrush 2020 Updates And What’s New?

Without going into full detail, let me just highlight some of the new tools and the 2020 improvements. It’s important to understand the essential benefits and not just dwell on the features. Here’s my shortlist.

Keyword Overview (Research tool)

According to the Semrush website, “the keyword overview is a tool that runs a full analysis of your keyword and helps you to decide whether you should enter into competition for it”.

The success of your on-demand content creation of any kind is highly dependent on the quality of the keywords you use. This also has a bearing on how you perform against your competitors.

But this isn’t just about making improvements to the keyword research tool, it’s also about ensuring that the user is getting a great user experience with the user interface. So the improvements have included the UI and UX too.

A brand new and improved keyword overview is what is now available to help you win big against your competition. Check it out.

Keyword Gap Helps You To Find Those Under The Radar Winning Keywords

It’s good to know what your competitors are up to. Right? So now you get to look up your keywords against the competition and run a full analysis on them. Result? You have a competitive research edge over your competitors. This is what the new Keyword Gap will do for you. It gives you an advantage!

Domain Overview is now global

You now have at your disposal a tool that goes to all the corners of this Global Village. Domain Overview now gives you domain SEO analysis instantly. It’s a truly worldwide view. This really gives you a more competitive analysis of the domains worldwide.

Take a look at this infographic below and see what you are now capable of achieving with Domain Overview.

Remember that this feature is a result of the Semrush customers’ feedback. So, Domain Overview is here now. Even though it’s been long overdue. And here are some of the intelligence features and benefits available to you:

Instant strengths and weaknesses in traffic sources, top content, search performance, target markets, backlink profile, and advertising performance. Can you imagine and comprehend the depth of this?

semrush domain overview tool

Fair warning: Some links in this post are affiliate links. I may be rewarded if you went ahead and subscribed to any of the plans. The good news is that there’s no extra cost to you. So don’t worry, Be happy to sign up.

Backlink Analytics Gives You Back-linking Ideas

Banklink Analytics will now help you to discover every detail about your keywords and even your competitors. The benefit includes tracking any domain’s back-linking including the link-building process. This will also include spotting any new backlinks.

On Target Backlink Audit

Semrush has re-organized its markers used to determine the toxicity score of each link. These have become more advanced and accurate.

In a nutshell, and according to Semrush, the Backlink Audit tool gives you a peek into your site’s backlink profile. It also highlights any links that are sending toxic pings to Google. This will help you avoid those famous Google penalties.

The Target pages Report is a new addition that helps you to see a great view of the best-performing pages on your website. This also gives you an idea of the active, broken, new, and lost backlinks. That’s a great tool I must say.

Position Tracking – Voice Share And Extended Reporting Capabilities

What is Position Tracking and the benefits it brings?

This tool will help you to monitor your website’s daily ranking for a select range of keywords. You have the option to set tracking for a specific geo-location (down to hyper-local level) and device type. This alone in my view gives the marketer the ability to know more about the target audiences’ devices in use.

Other details as follows: You can now accurately assess the business impact of your SEO efforts based on a new metric – Share of Voice (SoV). While Position Tracking’s Visibility metric is calculated by taking into account a site’s keyword positions, SoV also takes into account selected keywords’ search volume and estimated traffic to show the percentage of the market you occupy in regard to tracked keywords.

Identify any self-competition on SERPs with the new Cannibalization report, and improve your content strategy by getting direction for merging competing pages, splitting content, and targeting cannibalizing pages to different keyword clusters.

Take a look at the image below for the user interface.

position tracking graphic

You Can Now Amplify Your Site With The Now Powerful Site Audit

The Site Audit tool will now help you do the following. You will get solutions, prioritize your tasks and automate reporting, including intuitive charts, instructions, and directions. It will scan your site for;

  • 130+ technical and SEO mistakes.
  • loading speeds and crawlability,
  • content issues and meta tags,
  • HTTPS security protocols,
  • Internal linking
  • JS and CSS errors
  • AMP Implementation

Bonus to all registered users: Free audit for 100 pages. This includes all main reports and features.

Local SEO Boosted With The Listing Management Tool

Are you local-focused? You are not left out of the improvements. Semrush Listing Management tool has now expanded its geo in the local SEO to now include France and Germany. This is indeed good news to the marketers out there.

The Listing Management tool automatically distributes business information data to the most authoritative directories, (80 in the USA and over 40 for the other countries)

This is great for local SEO advantage and voice search optimization.

Due to the comprehensive updates and improvements, the Semrush users can now enjoy and benefit from the local SEO toolkit which include,

  1. Local rankings report – to track rankings in Google local finder
  2. Review management – ability to respond to customers’ reviews on Google My Business and on Facebook. This is done directly from within the tool.
  3. Local ranking heatmap – an advanced local ranking report accurately tracking your business’s Google Map’s positions in a specific location.
  4. The tool ensures your business is safe from those famous malicious duplicates.

Content Marketing


The ImpactHero is an AI tool. If you’re going to do any serious content creation and marketing, this is your companion tool. This is a new product for all of the marketing teams out there. It will help you analyze content from the view of a buyer’s journey stages.

The ImpactHero will help you examine the high-performing areas of your website at every stage. It will then offer improvement ideas for the rest of the content.

This is impactful analysis for content marketing heroes; a unique content analytics tool.

Semrush has also introduced a content marketplace.

This is a platform for ordering high-quality SEO-driven content from professional copywriters.

Alright, nuff said. There’s lots of stuff that has been added to the pool of tools. As I said at the beginning of this long post, I can only cover so much. Other Semrush 2020 Updates worth mentioning are in the SEO Tools. These folks have really done a tremendous ton of work.

I can only encourage you to follow the many links under each subtopic for you to appreciate what this platform has to offer. Lots of great stuff.

I am glad for the opportunity to highlight some of these features and benefits. I hope to write about other enhancements and updates in another post soon enough.

If you are serious about growing and scaling your e-commerce or a local business, sign up to use the platform and start the success journey for your business.

Fair warning: Some links in this post are affiliate links. I may be rewarded if you went ahead and subscribed to any of the plans. The good news is that there’s no extra cost to you. So don’t worry, Be happy to sign up.

Stay Blessed and Inspired!