Neuro Marketing? – Review

Applied Neuromarketing In Your Business

Welcome to my study class. This week my review is about Applied Neuromarketing. Yes, we are looking at the deep things of the brain and how it can best be ‘manipulated’ to influence both webdesign and user behaviour.

This course is by CXL Institute. It is part of the Digital Psychology and Persuasion MiniDegree. I am doing this review as part of the 12-week scholarship requirement. The course material is so very professionally presented it’s really college-level status if you ask me.

So then, what is all this about? I mean this neuromarketing business? According to the course instructor, the essence is about leveraging the knowledge of the human brain and buyer behavior in order to increase sales. Keyword = increase sales. That’s why I am on this course!

In learning about the buyer behaviour the following components are discussed in the lessons.

  • user behavior
  • emotional resonance
  • attention and perception

According to my course instructor, when I have adequately understood these 3 factors, my learning outcomes should bring me to the following:

  • Be more effective: Understand how the signal processing in the brain works so my message really gets into the mind of my audience.
  • Control perception: I can control what and how the content of my websites and landing pages will be perceived.
  • Raise buying motivation: Understand the influence of emotions and fears of my audience to increase the motivation to buy by my website users.

Let me introduce my CXL Institute Instructor in this 5 class Applied Neuromarketing course.

This course is led by André Morys. He is co-founder of The Global Optimization Group, which is a network of independent optimization specialists. He is a frequent optimization conference speaker. He has spoken at the CTA Conference in Vancouver.

André has written books in German, and if you understand the German language, the first book you can read is called Conversion Optimierung. The second book is in English called, A Digital Growth Strategy, which is about implementing growth processes into organizations.

André does his own conference about growth marketing. It’s called the Growth Marketing Summit with around 800 people. He has a blog called konversionsKRAFT.

When I started out on this minidegree I did not think that I was going to experience such highly valuable courses. My initial thought was that it was going to be one of those easy learning materials spread all over the internet.

As a freelancer and business owner I was thinking this was going to be plain sailing. But, have I not been surprised! This course is worth everything it’s worth. Does that sound correct? Anyway I think you know what I mean.

The course so far is high grade stuff. It’s worth every investment you can throw at it. If you are a business owner striving to grow your business, you may want to invest in your skills. If not for you but at least get your team thoroughly equipped in quality skills training at the CXL Institute.

OK. Let’s get started. Neuromarketing. What’s it all about?

Again it’s about understanding the human brain and in carrying out this study various tools are used to determine the behavior. This is science at work here. The real stuff.

Remember that the course is getting you to leverage your knowledge of the buyer’s brain so that you can make more money. Yes, more money! Basically the objective of this lesson is that you get to understand the core principles of how the human brain works and how to leverage that knowledge into business growth.

Essentially, we could say it’s about selling to the brain, right? Because basically, you sell to the brain mostly. After all most of the buyer’s decisions to purchase will first be processed in the brain. So, neuromarketing should be an integral part of your business model.

Deploying Neuromarketing Tools

What tools can you employ to learn more about the human brain and the behavior? Believe it or not but these people at the institute are serious. I have learned about heatmaps but I didn’t think we were going all the way into the scans.

Some of the tools include the fMRI, EEG, facial coding, bio-metrics, eye tracking etc. Does this sound like business terminology? No? I thought so too. But this is serious stuff. It’s about using science to get into business for growth hacking.

Those tools are found in hospitals. Just think about that. This is how serious this course is. You want to grow your online presence, I suggest you get onto the CXL Institute to learn how to corner your prospects into buying.

What are we learning in the use of these machines?

Let’s take a short look. The EEG is used in conjunction with the bio-metric measurements like the heart rate, breathing rate, eye movement etc. All this is in a bid to study the customer behavior. Obviously it’s faster to use the EEG equipment as it is somewhat faster and cheaper to deploy compared to the fMRI scanner.

The fMRI is basically used to create 3D images capturing which areas of the brain is lighting up when content is viewed. This also applies to when decision making is taking place in the brain.

So with all this knowledge the business owner is better placed to optimize the digital assets in a way that influences and controls user behavior patterns on such sites.

Another tool used in learning about a user’s behavior is facial coding and eye-tracking. This is a way of measuring emotions through facial expressions by using a simple webcam.

Ultimately what does this all mean for the optimizer if you really do want to convert that traffic into sales?

Most optimizers are familiar with click-maps and heat-maps from mouse-tracking or eye-tracking. But do you know what stimulus triggers the attention? The eyes are hardwired with the brain and as an optimizer, you should know how to influence the customer’s behavior.

In conclusion, the course on applied neuromarketing has been very beneficial for me. I have gained knowledge in human behavior in order to control the user’s perception when they land on a page of any kind.

In summary, the following topics stand out for me and they are adequately covered in the course I am reviewing for this article:

  • People don’t control their attention rationally
  • Five proven ways to influence perception
  • Why perception is crucial for optimization success
  • How to implement it in your process

That’s it! I am grateful to the instructors and the CXL institute for the course material. I can now service my web customers in a much more meaningful way. Additionally I stand better ready to help the small business owner getting online with the intent of growing their online presence.

Do you have a project at hand that requires growing in conversion and optimization? Let’s Talk. On the other hand, if you feel a need for your skills or those of your team to be upscaled, again, let’s talk.