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In 2020 Create Your WordPress Business Website – Fast And Easy. With WordPress you have total and complete control over the design of your business website or blog, fast and easy. Get from scratch to full website or ecommerce store in less time than ever known before.

I just want to say that what really turned me on to WordPress was the speed at which I was able to understand how everything works on this platform without much prior knowledge. And especially that I did not have to go through a long learning curve, even with using a page builder. WordPress has a very easy hands-on learning even for a complete beginner. But hey, if you think you still require some hand holding, I am here for you.


Experience design at scale

This is where we explore the look and feel of your website. I agree with everyone who says it’s not all about appearance. But we must use design to add flair and color to your business brand! We must carefully consider the most suitable WordPress theme to effectively drive your commerce growth and success. We are not re-inventing the wheel but we shall ensure to use the industry’s best templates to customize your website. This includes all other relevant website builder tools. Therefore the focus here is more about pointing to your business requirements and concept vis-a-vis design. Over this we must have total consensus.

Understand your Business Audience

There is no point in building a great looking website if it’s not addressing your business audience and your brand identity. So together we must analyse your market audience. The whys and hows that must be addressed to achieve business success. In doing so we must address the brand identity with firm intent. You already understand your brand’s engagement offline. Now we should translate and grow the offline market share in your new desired website commerce presence. And always remember, “online is the new location”. This we must do with intent.


Desktop is no longer the main device.

Mobile is more the new kid on the block. There’s a lot more commerce taking place on mobile these days. That’s the going conversation currently. In fact we hear the marketing noise is getting louder on mobile. This we must acknowledge and take into serious consideration when building your online presence. Your brand tune must be the same one playing and being danced to across all devices. And this we must achieve.

Your Website – In A Nutshell

Real time stats

If you can’t analyze what’s going on with your website, then you don’t have a business. Your website is your sales and marketing control center so use it to work for you.

You must analyze your visitor activity and see where they are coming from; how long they stay and where they go to when they leave your website. You need to understand which devices your prospects are using to interact with you.

In 2020 it can’t be just business as usual. Data must not only be created and stored but, it must be retrieved, fast and easy. So we must factor in this important aspect when building your website or blog.

Multilingual & translatable

These days the common speak is that the whole world has become one huge village! How many languages do you speak?
You can’t afford to leave out anyone. OK, but you only speak one or two languages? You want to grow into a multinational business do you? Alright then if that’s your desire, so shall it be. We will get your website to go multilingual in your chosen languages.

Less plugins needed

Less is pretty and faster. Remember we said to build your website fast and easy? We must also ensure it’s loading fast and easy. So only the most relevant plugins must be used. Period.

Amazingly responsive

Everyone of your potential clients must reach you from their device of choice. We have already said that your website must play the tune that is compatible on every device mobile and other. This must be the focus especially that, ‘online is the new location’.

Community builder

Your business website must build you a community of prospects who become your customers. You will interact with this community from various angles, such as, email, social media etc. Your website must be such a tool for community building and communication.

Easy to use interface

What would be the point of having a fancy looking website if you cannot navigate it efficiently. We want to make sure the incoming traffic of prospects is comfortably and easily interacting and dancing your tune! We believe in the KISS principle. So we must keep it simple.


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